Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blog event and chance to win a prize

  • I'm participating in an all-day blogging event with my publisher, The Wild Rose Press, in mid-June (June 22 if I remember correctly. I'll post more information as the event approaches.)The anyone who comments on my blog that day has a chance to win a FREE prize...not sure what that will be, but most likely a hard copy or electronic copy of my novel, "Leaving the Comfort Cafe." Essentially, I just take the names, put them in a hat, and get a third party to draw it out...sorry I can't bring it in the envelope with security guards like they do on American Idol....
  • I'll also be giving a writing seminar in July. A limited number of participants will be able to have their questions answered about how to get published, how to finally start that novel, etc. This will (hopefully)be the first in a series of lectures / seminars. Though it has no formal name, I'm thinking of calling it the "Shut up and write!" series.

Upcoming Events and Writing Seminars

After a long hiatus, I am finally back. It has been wonderful to have the opportunity to teach English 114 (technical and professional communication) but that on top of a full time job has been exhausting (though given the present economic conditions, I am very grateful to be gainfully employed. The exhaustion isn't a complaint. Let's face it, I'm pretty much exhausted anyway.)

I love the quote from Ursula Le Guinn, though I haven't read any of her work in a long time. I definitely need to revisit it. The last book I read was the "Tombs of Autaun"(spelling?). I really loved it.

Now that I'm back 'on the wagon' of writing blog posts, let me know what you'd like to see, any advice about writing, etc. etc.

I'm bringing back the FREE writer resource o' the week. Hopefully I'll be doing a writing seminar pretty shortly...I'll keep you posted.