Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Scheduled Writer Chats

Anyone who wants to stop by and chat with writers and readers, I'll be at the following Yahoo groups:

---Romance Bistro After Dark on May 7
* FYI-- This is their hot/ erotic line. Though you don't have to be a writer of erotica to participate (case in point, me)

----Coffee Time Romance loop --- May 16

All of these are on the Yahoo groups if you want to sign up.

Hopefully I'll see you there!

Writer Resource o' the Week -- #4

This is #4, isn't it? Sorry, liberal arts major. You know we never learned how to count. If we did we'd all be working at NASA or something.

This writing advice resource is actually from the publisher of my second novel, "Leaving the Comfort Cafe." They have a Writer's Toolbox with links to all kinds of useful articles, including pitching, querying, etc.

This week's writer resource is:
The Wild Rose Press
Writer's toolbox

URL is: www.thewildrosepress.com
Then click on "In the Greenhouse" and then "Writer's Tools."

Oh, and buy my book while you're there :)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Chatting with Yahoo Groups

Today I had a brief yet uplifting "posting" / "chat" with a Yahoo group comprised of romance writers / readers, etc. Authors are invited to post excerpts from their novels.

I posted the scene where Blythe meets Austin at the Comfort Cafe (you can hear this excerpt under the ECU reading post)

I was very encouraged because someone posted that they were "roaring with laughter" and that I "made their coffee break" and they were putting this on their to buy list asap.

Wow. How great is that?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Birthday William Shakespeare

Yep. Big Bill the Bard was born on this day 1564, (well, give or take a day--records are actually fairly inconclusive) and died on this day in 1616.

I know it's a side trip from the contents of this blog, but as a writer, I can think of no greater compliment than for some of your writing to actually be considered a part of the English language. One reason why Billy Shakes just simply rocks. Whenever you hear "quick as a wink" the "devil incarnate" or "burning the candle at both ends"--you have Big Bill to thank. (Granted, many of these are now considered cliche, and probably wouldn't be the best to use in your writing...but that's neither here or there right now.)

I was blessed to go to Holy Trinity Church last year and see where Shakespeare was buried. It was amazing. You can see why Stratford and the beautiful Avon River inspired him so. When I ran into a Brit walking along the river trail, I couldn't contain my excitement about being in Stratford. I told him it was, for me, a dream came true.

"Really, luv?" he raised his eyebrows. "I just come here to feed the swans."

Happy birthday Shakespeare!

Hey, anyone want to tell me about your favorite Shakespeare plays?
Here are my favs:
"King Lear" (all time favorite)
"Measure for Measure"
---"That Scottish Play About the King that is a Bad Omen for Artists and Must not Be Named."
"Much Ado About Nothing" (esp. the film version with Kenneth Branaugh and Robert Sean Leonard. Hubba, hubba, hubba.)

And though it is so stereotypical to say you love Hamlet, well, I love Hamlet.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Writer Resource o' the Week #3--FREE RICE

For the Writer Resource of the Week, let's try something different...let's try using a writing resource to help feed the world. The resource is:

Free Rice
at the URL

The site asks you a series of words, and you select their meaning from the multiple choices given. Each time you get a word correct, 10 grains of rice are donated to a UN project. Then, you're given a more difficult word, and so on, until you get one wrong.

I've checked this one out on truth or fiction dot com, and this is not a hoax or one of those crazy e-mail forwards that never seem to have a source.

From what I understand, the money for the rice comes from the paid advertisers on the site. And while 10 grains may not seem like much, multiply that by the millions who have played this game and you'll see how it can add up.

So expand your word power and give some free rice!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Writer Resource o' the Week

This website does such a good job of scouting out literary scams that they are actually getting SUED for it! (by whom, or what the 4-1-1 is, I don't know.) Regardless, you can get information on them at this wonderful website:


URL: www.anotherrealm.comprededitors

Check it out, and keep posted on the Warnings. You won't regret it.


As for me, I'm gearing up for my FREE how to get published seminar / book signing / dog and pony show that is gearing up at the Cooley Library in Nashville, NC. Plus, the gift shop at the place where I work is having an author book signing (featuring me, which is kind of embarrassing because I grew up with the philosophy that one was not supposed to brag on oneself.)

I'll post photos from the even when its over.
Take care!

Friday, April 11, 2008

FREE How to get Published Seminar

I'll be giving a FREE seminar on how to get published at the Cooley Library in Nashville, NC on April 17 at 6:30 p.m.

Yep, I'll also be signing copies of my books there. I'll try to post some video or at least some photos if possible.

Since I work with a smaller publisher and they have contracted with LuLu to publish books the length of mine, my novel is not listed on Baker and Taylor or Ingrams or other major distributors, which can make it difficult to try to get it into mainstream bookstores (although from what I understand, it's hard to get anything other than something from a major publisher into them. Am I wrong? Comment and tell me.

So to try to get my foot in the door, I'm taking this dog and pony show on the road. Even if the "show" doesn't net any sales, I get to leave my card and hopefully get some free publicity. And then there's the whole thing about giving back to the community libraries.

More to come....

WHAT will be the FREE WRITER RESOURCE O'THE WEEK....we'll see.... posting comes on Sunday or Monday. Probably Sunday...

Monday, April 7, 2008

8@8 -- Reading at East Carolina University

This is from my reading at East Carolina University.
It was a celebration of the MA graduate students from the creative writing department at East Carolina University.


Ah, yes, it's been a while since I got back to my blog.
Sorry for the delay, but you can count that I'm going to be posting more regularly.

I'd also like to introduce a new feature-- the FREE WRITER RESOURCE OF THE WEEK---this is just a resource I've found useful or helpful for my writing, and I think you can as well. Many of these can be found under my links page on my website at www.dawnwilson.net

Anyway, let's get things started:


Duotrope at www.duotrope.com

It has some interesting markets and wonderful resources. Mostly for fiction, but I think there may be some essay entries. It also provides a submission tracker, and of course, the best part
is it's free. They run on donations, but I just wanted to say, God bless ya to the Duotrope folks.

Definitely worth the surf!