Thursday, March 27, 2008

Newspaper Article

Wow! seeing myself in the Telegram. Yee ha!
Hopefully this will generate some buzz about the booksigning. Y'all come!
Below is a link to the story.

And yep, that's my grandmother's chair I'm sitting on. Isn't that cool? That chair is at lest 50 years old.
I've found that it's very important to indicate to reporters, etc. that you emphasize that it is not a "vanity" press. Evidently, I'm sure there are a lot of good self-published books out there---I'm just saying that I'm sure there are even more that are not. One editor actually told me that with print on demand publishing "getting published really isn't the big deal that used to be..." Well...maybe not if you pay someone to publish it with print on demand technology.
But it is still tough to get into a traditional publisher---large, small or otherwise.
I have the rejections to prove it. BUt as I stated in the article, persistence is 80 percent of the game...

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