Friday, March 14, 2008

Postcards and chatting

Hoping to get my postcards out in time for my reading on Sat. March 29 at Via Cappuccino in Rocky Mount. I'm trying to go with a retro theme with comic book characters (Since one of the main characters in the story aspires to be a comic book writer!)

I'll be logging in tomorrow afternoon at Talking Two Lips to discuss my novel. Thanks to the folks at the Wild Rose Press for setting up all these loop events.
I'll be giving you some feedback on how the event goes and maybe some hints for participating in a loop chat? OR maybe you can give me advice, as I'm kind of new to all this.

And right now I'm....
Haning out at the coffeeshop slowly realizing that I am becoming sooooooo addicted to wi-fi. And Hugh Laurie. But anyway, now some random guy is bringing in equipment to give us some live music and all I'm thinking about is how I've really, really, got to get caught up on housework. I read somewhere that women with finished novels rarely have clean houses. That's my story andI'm sticking with it.

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