Wednesday, July 2, 2008

conspiracy of the teeth

Okay, I lied.
I did not blog.
I didn't write.
I have spent my time worrying about things like---possible work layoffs, my inability to find a date since the Reagan administration, and what the @#$@#$@# my wisdom teeth are doing. [yes, I'm 37, and I still have my wisdom teeth. They've decided to make an appearance. A painful one]

AT least, that's my excuse for not being more regular about writing. Julia Cameron in "The Artist's Way" has a good deal to say about the psychological happiness of creativity for creativity's sake--
..but I was a slacker.

Therefore, I've set my goal to revise a collection of my short stories and start shopping it around by the end of this year.

Oh, and here's my "the dog ate my homework" drama about my lack of blog entries."

Okay, so spare me the lectures about how I should have had that rite of passage--wisdom teeth removal-- when I was 17 or 21 and the roots of these buggers were no where near my facial nerve, which they are now...
...bottom line, they're still here. The doc says there's more of a risk taking them out then leaving them in...and since the pain has subsided, probably best to do the watchful waiting thing.

So that's my story---I was minding my own business, getting ready to get caught up on my blog, when all of a sudden---the teeth started their own conspiracy:

Wisdom #1 = "No you don't. No writing weekends for you at your super cool friend's place in Georgia. I want to give you pain. NOW! While you're driving! Lots of pain! Go to the ER--ha, ha, ha, ha!"

Wisdom #2 = "An ER in Charlotte at 9 p.m? She won't go. Oh hey, I want more of that Tylenol."

Wisdom #3 = "I just wanna... I mean (hiccup) I went over... I mean...what-what are we doing anyway? (wisdom tooth #3 is something of a lush)

Wisdom #1 = "Come on guys, this is our time to take over the mouth."

Wisdom #2 = "But there's no room!"

Wisdom #1 = "Oh, her mouth is big enough. Trust me."

Wisdom #3 = "You know... I love you guys... I really do... you are my best (hic) friends in the (hic) world... I just...hey...where am I again? What-what are we doing."

Wisdom #1 = "Fools. Fools."

Wisdom #2 = "She's playing Creedence again."

Wisdom #1 = "How did I get stuck with you guys. #4 was the lucky one. She got him out early."

Wisdom #3 = (singing) "Doot doo doo Looking out my back door" (hic)

I'll be back with more regularity.
But first, answer this---does anyone have any favorite movies about writers? Tell me.


Carole Mehle said...

Funny you should ask, Dawn. My favorite movie about a writer is Shakespeare in Love. He's broke, horny, and blocked. Then along comes a woman who awakens all his inspiration. There are so many things a writer can get from this movie. I'm sure I'll think of a few more.

Dawn said...

Good movie, Carole. I think someone once called it "Shakespeare in Heat..."

I loved the "Finding Neverland" as well---even though there were some artistic liberties taken. What I liked about that was how you can see the ideas formulating in his head....