Friday, July 18, 2008

Writing retreat--part 1---BEES!

Hi all...I am writing from a wonderful writer's retreat. How great to get a chance to relax and enjoy.
What I'm working on?
Finishing up a collection of short stories (rewriting, polishing)
Pounding out a draft of novel #3 (as much as I can get done)
Working on a short non-fiction piece

Just arrived in town and found out that the place where we stay has bees living in the wall. Oh my! They've had to partition off one room, because bees were coming in through the vents....not a lot, I mean, not like a Stephen King movie or something...but we're okay. They're trying to save the bees and coax them out because there's a shortage of bees or something or other...
...and I've run into someone who seems to collect plastic bags. I find that very interesting....
more to come....

I'll keep you posted!

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