Monday, July 21, 2008

Day three--- short story breakthrough

After a VERY relaxing day of Weymouth and getting all the work-related stress out of my system, I worked on a short story that fought me all night. It was a rewrite of a story I did several years ago, and it has potential, just needs to be rewritten. The story started going in crazy directions.
Then I slept on it.
In the morning, that short story still didn't go anywhere.
But I pulled up another one---only about four pages or so, that I wrote 4 years ago. I had never finished it.
Then all of a sudden, the story took off and I was just hanging on for the ride. First think I knew, this snobby sister showed up in the story, then a mother who swore that "the Russians are just going to nuclear us all to Kingdom Come." (story takes place in the 80s). Then there was this disgusting beach and...all of a sudden I realized this story was running me.
has anyone out there had any interesting things like this happened---a story that was DOA you suddenly revived and it started going all different places? Let me know.

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